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The deep and rich colours of the Maldives, yours to behold. Romantic journeys.
Exotic days and elegant evenings. Special occasions made extraordinary. Celebrate
your tropical love affair. Discover Velassaru and the unique natural environment of the Maldives.


Sunset Cruise

Serenity at sunset. An authentic Maldivian cruise. Against a backdrop of magnificent shades and hues, share canapés and champagne with your beloved. Elegant evenings. A truly tailor-made experience. Submerge in colour.

Big Game Fishing

Heart pumping challenges on the open sea. The glint of sun and the tang of salt. A surge of adrenaline as a huge fin breaks the surface. A marlin: toe-to-toe with the admiral of the ocean. The ultimate fishing experience. Land the catch of a lifetime.

Snorkelling Excursion

Coasting across diamond waters on a dhoni or speedboat. Arrive at the coveted reefs, accessible by experienced guide only. Snorkelling equipment and amenities on hand. An astounding marine world awaits. Behold the aquatic riches of Velassaru.

Dolphin Discovery

An invigorating breeze from atop a dhoni as your destination draws near. Head into the feeding grounds of Maldivian dolphins. Heart-warming interactions as they tail your vessel and leap above the waves. Stunningly graceful, strikingly human. Enter the kingdom of these majestic creatures.

Night Fishing

Traditional Maldivian fishing with a hand line at sunset. Your dhoni drops anchor. An experienced crew guiding you on this ancient art. Edible catches are prepared for you at no additional cost in the hotel restaurant. Non-edible or inadequately sized fish are let go. Experience a time-honoured craft.

Night Snorkelling

A new vista unfolds under the cover of darkness. Ghostly crayfish, feeding corals, the lethal beauty of hunting moray eels, the uncanny sight of sleeping fish. Small parties of four or fewer plus guide, for a smaller ecological footprint. Torch light, snorkel equipment and wet suit provided. Uncover a hidden world.

Bio Quest

A rare snorkelling journey led by our resident marine biologist. A brief educational presentation in the dive centre classroom, followed by targeted reef exploration centred on the marine life category of your choice. Enjoy themes from turtles, to sharks, to manta rays (in season only), to hard and soft corals, to clownfish and anemones. Drinking water, towels, snorkel equipment and life jackets are provided. Learn the sea’s wisdom.

Bio Photo Adventure

A special snorkelling journey with our resident marine biologist. A professional-grade underwater camera to capture the underwater world. Following a briefing on environmentally friendly use of your camera, shoot to your heart’s content in this gorgeous underwater domain. A fun and informative lecture on the content of your photos to follow. Drinking water, towels, snorkel equipment and life jackets are provided. Capture the wonders of the Indian Ocean.

Island Escape

An island paradise of your own. An idyllic setting paired with culinary delights. Armed with a luxury hamper, take a dhoni to a sandbank. Spectacular views in every direction, a pulsing coral awaiting discovery. Refreshing tropical juices with a delicious lunch.







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