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Enhance Your Stay

Enhance Your Stay

Engaging activities planned in advance. Packages designed to offer you the very best. Enjoy better rates. Enhance your stay at Velassaru. 

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Private Dining Experiences

Bespoke Dining Amid Unique Surrounds.

Gastronomic voyages as the sun’s first rays light up the lagoon. Signature lunches on a secluded island. The indulgence of culinary masterpieces, brought to you in-villa. Succulent satay on a private beach. Experience exquisite moments. Enjoy memories that last.

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Private Satay Barbecue

Tantalizing Flavours.

A classic barbecue, featuring sumptuous satays, created and served by your very own chef and waiter. Four courses to feast on as the sun descends. A taste of Indonesia to relish. Just the two of you, or invite friends to share.

Barbecue Dinner

A Taste of the Exotic.

As the sun sets, delight in a selection of tropical flavours. Enticing canapés and freshly tossed salads, prepared by your personal chef. A barbecue showcasing the world’s finest cuts, followed by an array of delicious desserts.

Island Escape

Picnic in Paradise.

An idyllic setting paired with culinary delights. Armed with a luxury hamper, take a dhoni to a sandbank. Spectacular views in every direction, a pulsing coral awaiting discovery. Refreshing tropical juices with a delicious lunch. Luxuriate in pure seclusion.

Breakfast in the Lagoon

Sublime Mornings.

A gourmet breakfast selection. During the first shimmer of dawn sunlight, savour a luxurious feast of authentic, exotic flavours. Chilled sparkling wine on pure white sands. Dramatic vistas of sapphire. Soak up the early morning tranquillity.

Romantic Evening

Intimacy Beachside.

A romantic beach setup. Just the two of you. Three tantalising courses of sensual flavours to entice and excite. Candlelit dining, with the ocean your backdrop. 

In-Villa Dining

Indulgence Delivered.

Gastronomic experiences in the comfort and privacy of your villa. A light and lazy lunch on your terrace. Champagne and canapés while watching the sunset from your daybed. A personal barbeque on your villa deck.

Private Sunset Cruise

Serenity at Sunset.

An authentic Maldivian cruise. Against a backdrop of magnificent shades and hues, share canapés and champagne with your beloved. Elegant evenings. A truly tailor-made experience. Submerge in colour.